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When I get asked about my business, people of question me about my specialty – “I specialize in photographing Seniors” – I have to clarify; Seniors in HIGH SCHOOL.

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Not everyone knows what I mean when I say “seniors”. Most people’s minds goes straight to Senior Citizens. In this part of the country, however, Seniors in High School are a huge part of the Photography Market. For Seniors with Ashki Photography, their Senior Experience includes scouting locations that are special to them, personal wardrobe consultations, a 2 hour session (perhaps with hair and makeup) and then a customized ordering session. Their prints and products usually include a large wall portrait (or three), an album full of images from their session, gift prints, graduation cards and more!  As you can see, Senior Photography is a big deal here in Boise, Idaho.

However, over the last 18 months or so, when I’ve had to clarify “Seniors in HIGH SCHOOL”, I’ve been thinking, “Why not?”. Why not Senior Citizens? I honestly couldn’t find any reason why I wouldn’t want to photograph Senior Citizens.

They’re beautiful.

They have earned every single mark of maturity they have. Each wrinkle comes with a memory that they can recite frontwards and backwards. Every gray hair reminds them of their tenacity. Even their wardrobe tells a story that is meaningful to them. The standard of “beauty” that social media displays may only tell tales of young, successful, perfect men and women. But we often forget about the family who came before them. Those who fell into “standard of beauty” for their time. The ones who raised the mothers of those perfect men and women. These older men and women created the foundations on which our country exists. Celebrate their beauty.

They’re Loved.

I share the vision with my friend and she said to me, “Both of my Grandfathers passed away last year. What I wouldn’t give to have a beautiful, recent image of them for my home”. Just like my Seniors in High School, Senior Citizens have a family who loves them. A family who thinks they are perfect just the way they are and want to have pictures of them in their homes. Portraits that make them think of their smell, see their smile and hear their laugh. They’re so very loved.

Their Time is Short.

We don’t expect High School Seniors to pass away anytime soon, but needless to say, every one of us will pass away eventually. None of us are immortal here on Earth. It’s heartbreaking to attend the  see a photograph displayed at a funeral that is over 20 years old. A lot of changes take place in 20 years. New grandchildren, 20 more years of marriage, new great grandchildren, retirement, travel, rest. Having a recent photograph is VITAL for your family.

Because of these reasons and so many more, I want to encourage you to come see me for the Seniors in your own life. I’ll capture them smiling at the camera for a beautiful, heirloom portrait. But I’ll also take the perfect candid photograph as they whisper sweet nothings into each others ears. These images that will remind you on a daily basis of their value in your life.

The Senior Citizens in your life have done so for you. Don’t let another day pass by without getting images taken of your favorite seniors in your life. Whether they are graduating from High School or experiencing retirement, they are both important and worthy.

So now, when telling people who I specialize photographing, I simply say, “I photograph Seniors of All ages”.

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