Boudoir Defined

I added a new genre of photography to my portfolio this year: boudoir. After over 10 years of telling other women – moms, seniors, brides – how beautiful they are, I decided it was time to tell someone like ME how beautiful I am. The woman who is in the throws of motherhood – the woman who has devoted so much time and energy to those around her, that she forgot – for just a moment – to take time for herself.

This new genre has breathed new life into my business and my own personal life. Although the images that I create in Boudoir defined are classy, they are of an intimate nature. Each model on my site gave me permission to post their images. I invite you to take a look around the site if you are an 18 or older female.

It’s your turn. Click the logo below to visit the Boudoir Site and to book your own Boudoir Session.

Boudoir Defined LOGO